British Columbia Team


Jennifer Baumbusch

Jennifer Baumbusch is an Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia. She leads a research program on health care delivery and nursing practice with older adults. Her focus is particularly in long-term residential care, family contributions to care delivery, well-being among individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families, and knowledge translation. Jennifer co-developed the Collaborative Model for Knowledge Translation, which is an integrated relational approach to knowledge translation between researchers and knowledge users.
Colin Reid
Colin Reid (Provincial Co-Lead) is an Assistant Professor, School of Health and Exercise Sciences, at the University of British Columbia-Okanagan. He is a social gerontologist who has studied care provision for institutionalized seniors with dementia since 1995. Colin’s program of research focuses on quality of life and well-being for senior residents of long-term care facilities, their families, and their formal caregivers, with a focus on health care aides.
Elizabeth Andersen
Elizabeth Andersen is an Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia-Okanagan. Her program of research explores specific components of nursing home cultural change models and their effects on residents, families, and paid caregivers. Cultural change models are models designed to change the culture of the nursing homes by changing the aesthetics and restructuring the delivery of care so that the residents’ experiences of care are less segmented and more home-like. Elizabeth is interested in determining the cultural change models that best meet the needs of residents and the employees, by constructing, evaluating, and using tools designed to measure: 1) challenges faced by more marginalized employees, 2) employees’ perceived abilities to provide resident centered or person centered care, 3) residents, families’, managers’ and staff expectations of cultural change models, 4) employee satisfaction with roles and work, 5) time required to complete resident care, 6) efficacy and enforcement of policies, and 7) risks and benefits of varied types of care aide/resident assignments.
Jason Sutherland
Jason Sutherland is an Associate Professor in the Center for Health Services and Policy Research (CHSPR) in the UBC Faculty of Medicine, School of Population and Public Health, and is a Scholar of the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research. His current research interests are: development of methods for monitoring and evaluating health system performance, measuring burden of illness, and exploring causes and consequences of variations in health system utilization and funding.


Karen Bloemink

Karen Bloemink is the Regional Director for the Residential Services in the B.C. Interior Health Region, which involves the operation of 5200 residential beds and the oversight of the third party contracts for residential services. Karen states participation in the TREC 2.0 research offers their organization the opportunity to develop evidence-based interventions that will improve the lives of their residents and caregivers; it facilitates the building of capacity in their organization to participate in, and be informed by, research; and it assists in developing a culture where research is valued and research findings are applied.
Heather Cook
Heather Cook is the Chief Nursing Officer & Professional Practice Lead in the B.C. Interior Health Authority. She has over 30 years of experience in health care organizations including management at the senior level. Heather is committed to improving the quality of care and service to the frail elderly population, and passionately supports research and knowledge translation approaches to improving quality of care and service. Her organizational, operational, and clinical experience will assist her in providing meaningful guidance and support to quality improvement projects.

Heather Davidson

Heather Davidson is the Assistant Deputy Minister, Planning and Innovation, BC Ministry of Health Services. Heather holds a PhD in Psychology (Adult Development and Aging) from the University of Victoria. Prior to joining the BC Public Service in 1991, she worked as a psychologist providing clinical psychological services, as well as collaborating in research projects related to the provision and evaluation of medical services for the elderly.

Keith McBain

Keith McBain is the Executive Director, Residential Care, Assisted Living and Specialized Populations for Fraser Health Authority and also holds responsibility for Fraser Canyon Hospital and the Community of Hope. Keith’s role oversees approximately 10,000 long term care beds, part of which includes development and implementation of additional residential and assisted living capacity throughout the Fraser Health Region, as well as providing executive oversight for a rural hospital.

Dee Taylor

Dee Taylor Dee Taylor is Director, Research Department, Interior Health Authority. She is involved with local, provincial, national, and international collaborative research projects consisting of academics, policy makers, health authority leaders, healthcare administrators, and care teams from multiple jurisdictions. She has expertise in implementing research into practice within healthcare settings and facilitating partnership research designs. Dee has a Masters in Disability and Community Studies, and a PhD in Community Health Science. Her research interests center on residential long term care, the quality of care and life for residents, and workplace culture and relational practices within healthcare settings.

Anne-Marie Visockas

Anne-Marie Visockas Anne-Marie Visockas is Vice President, Health Systems Planning, Mental Health & Substance Use, and Residential Services at Interior Health, BC. Her portfolio also includes Strategic Information Management, an area which helps to inform planning, service delivery, and management of health-care services for Interior Health. In this role, Anne-Marie provides operational leadership for our clinical programs and services in MHSU and residential care, while also providing oversight for the organization-wide planning functions in alignment with Ministry of Health direction. Anne-Marie specializes in health services research and has extensive experience using linked health administrative databases for research into chronic health conditions and service utilization, along with use of health authority data to support analytics and performance management and reporting. She completed a PhD in Management and Policy Sciences specializing in Health Economics at the University of Texas Health Sciences Centre and has completed a post-doctoral fellowship at CHSPR in Vancouver.


Margaret McGregor

Margaret McGregor is a family physician and Clinical Associate Professor with the Department of Family Practice, University of British Columbia. She is a Clinician Scientist at the Vancouver Health Research Institute’s Centre for Epidemiology and Evaluation and a Research Associate with the UBC School of Population and Public Health’s Centre for Health Services and Policy Research. She is also Director of the UBC’s Department of Family Practice Community Geriatrics. She researches health services outcomes for frail seniors.


Carolyn Brandly

Carolyn Brandly, Quality Advisor for SCOPE in BC

Julie Melville

Julie Melville, Regional Research Coordinator for Fraser Health, BC

Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith, Regional Research Coordinator for Interior Health, BC