What are the benefits of examining advice seeking behaviours?

Promoting the use of best practices and new innovations can be difficult and time consuming. Their spread across the nursing home sector can, however, be important to quality care efforts. Engaging well connected people or well connected organizations is an important first step in adopting innovation.

Diffusion of innovations diagram

The graph above shows how different groups of people adopt innovations at different rates. Once an innovation reaches a critical point (about 25%), it has gathered enough momentum to help ensure the innovation will ‘take off’.

Social NetworkBy asking leaders in long term care who they seek advice from we can identify individuals and sites that are central in a sector’s networks making it possible to target them for early adoption and to spread innovations more rapidly.

This sector has never been mapped; doing so will help both decision makers and researchers understand how strongly or weakly connected nursing homes are and where they are connected, how this occurs (e.g., within organizations, across other dimensions).

  • This information will assist with strategies for the spread of innovations.
  • Where gaps are identified, efforts can be undertaken to build and strengthen networks.
  • Identify opinion leaders who may be able to lead in the implementation of current and future innovations.
  • A targeted approach to implementation of new improvement initiatives and to roll out of operational programs can save time, money and resources.