TREC Measurement System (TMS)

TMS is TREC’s major platform project and research technology. It looks at influences on quality of resident care and life, using data from residents and all levels of staff. Participating nursing homes play a key role in building this first longitudinal database of its kind in Canada or elsewhere.

Improving Nursing Home Care through Feedback on PerfoRMance Data (INFORM)

In the INFORM trial the team is evaluating approaches to accelerating the use of TREC research findings to influence an organization’s context (work environment) by feeding results back to nursing home managers —and finding the most efficient way to feed these and other findings back to managers.

Safer Care for Older Persons (in residential) Environments (SCOPE)

SCOPE is improving safety and quality of care for nursing home residents by developing and supporting care aides as leaders of unit-based quality improvement initiatives and their senior leaders to support such efforts.

Advice Seeking Network in Long Term Care - Social Network Analysis (SNA)

The SNA project identifies informal opinion leaders and nursing homes, as well as, those who “bridge” existing networks –both of which are key to successful spread of operational initiatives, innovation and the implementation of health new knowledge.

SALTY Stream 1

SALTY Stream 1 aims to develop an approach that enables researchers, policy makers and care facilities to validly and reliably measure quality of end of life care in nursing homes on an ongoing basis.

System Projects

A series of short term projects done together with decision makers. To date these have included identifying the burden of symptoms in the last 12 months of life, identifying modifiable responsive behaviors of dementia, and identifying a system level quality indicator for urban nursing homes.