Improving nursing home care through feedback: An update on the INFORM trial

INFORM Workshop

INFORM (Improving Nursing Home Care through Feedback on PerfoRMance Data) is a pragmatic randomized controlled trial currently underway as part of TREC. INFORM aims to increase the use of research findings by managers in long-term care homes. The trial is testing three ways of providing feedback to managers and their teams with the goal of improving context as well as resident care in the homes . 

In early November 2016 the INFORM  investigators held the study’s first set of support workshops, marking the midway point in the intervention. The purpose was to allow teams participating in the INFORM trial to share their challenges and successes and revise the goals and plans they had established at the initial goal-setting workshop in June 2016. Those goals were developed based on feedback data the teams received from TREC about each of their units.

Fourteen workshops were held across the four participating TREC regions: Alberta North, Alberta South, Fraser Health and Interior Health, with more than 90 per cent of participating teams attending. 

The teams reported on their progress toward the goals, as well as the strategies and measurements they had implemented to reach those goals. They also explored the barriers and facilitators they have faced through the first half of the intervention period and made plans for modifying their current goals or developing new ones. The teams received feedback from their peers and the INFORM team, as well as key regional decision-makers.

The teams participating in INFORM have already produced observable benefits on the front line, including staff reports of improved communication among care teams leading to positive resident outcomes.  

TREC  investigators are now analyzing the evaluations from these workshops in order to better tailor the second round of support workshops (to be held in April 2017) to meet the needs of participants.