A multi-committee governance structure is set in place to meet the mission and goals of TREC.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is the main ‘governing’ structure for TREC. It provides strategic oversight and direction for TREC to facilitate the realization of its goals and objectives. The Advisory Board is currently inactive.


Carole Estabrooks  Ex-Officio, Scientific Director TREC
Chantale LeClerc CEO, Champlain Local Health Integration Network (LHIN)
Christina Weise Manitoba Health Research Council
Glen Baker Associate Vice President (Research), University of Alberta

International Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC)

The International Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC) is a standing committee that advises the TREC 2.0 Research Management Committee (RMC) on a broad range of scientific and organizational matters. It also informs the TREC Advisory Board of its overall assessment of the scientific progress that is being made to support achievement of TREC 2.0’s ultimate objective.


Dorothy Pringle (Chair) Board of Directors, AMS Inc.
Sube Banerjee Director, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, UK
France Ducharme Desjardins Research Chair, Nursing Care for Seniors & Their Families, University of Montreal
Jean-Louis Denis
Professor, École Nationale d’Administration Publique
Julienne Meyer
Professor, City University, UK
Susan Mitchell  Harvard Medical School
Carole Estabrooks Scientific Director, TREC

Research Management Committee (RMC)

The Research Management Committee (RMC) is the standing committee of TREC that serves as the primary decision-making committee with respect to TREC’s research, training and knowledge to action investments.


Carole Estabrooks (Chair) University of Alberta
Corinne Schalm (Co-chair)
Alberta Health
Adrian Wagg
University of Alberta
Cindy Kozak-Campbell
Interior Health Authority
Colin Reid University of British Columbia
Deanne Taylor
Interior Health Authority
Gina Trinidad Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
Greta Cummings
University of Alberta
Hana Forbes Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
Heather Hanson
Alberta Health Services
Jayna Holroyd-Leduc
University of Calgary
Jennifer Baumbusch University of British Columbia
Lorraine Dacombe-Dewar Manitoba Health
Malcolm Doupe
University of Manitoba
Peter Norton University of Calgary

Data Management Committee (DMC)

The Data Management Committee (DMC) advises on data stewardship and management issues related to TREC data collections. It recommends to the Research Management Committee (RMC) on all policies and procedures in the areas of data processing and quality control, privacy and security, data access and flow, data requests, and data preservation and archiving.


Malcolm Doupe (Chair) University of Manitoba
Joseph Akinlawon University of Alberta
Matthias Hoben University of Alberta
Charlotte Berendonk University of Alberta
Adrian Wagg University of Alberta
Andrea Gruneir University of Alberta

Training Committee

The main function of the TREC Trainee Committee is to provide advice to the Research Management Committee (RMC) pertaining to all matters related to TREC trainees.


Malcolm Smith (Chair) University of Manitoba
Colin Reid University of British Columbia
Joanne Profetto-McGrath University of Alberta
Jennifer Knopp-Sihota University of Athabasca


The Voices of Individuals and Family and Friend Care Givers Educating Us (VOICES) advisory committee provides input relevant to and based on resident/family member/caregiver experience to the TREC Research Management Committee (RMC) to help ensure that individuals most affected by research outcomes have a meaningful voice in the TREC research program.


Janice Keefe (Co-Chair) Mount Saint Vincent University
Jim Mann (Co-Chair) British Columbia
Ken Chipeniuk Alberta
Graham Bond Alberta
Ruth Murphy Alberta
Alvin Schrader Alberta
Linda Young British Columbia
Barbara Kieloch Manitoba
Roberta Bishop Manitoba
Phyllis Fehr Ontario
Heather Fifield Nova Scotia
Faye Forbes Nova Scotia